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Game of Thrones - Green

I am reading the books and have not seen the tv version. I have a character query on Dance with Dragons can anyone help?

If anyone can help please comment and I will update this entry with a cut tag so as not to spoil it for those not yet up to where I am book wise.

Thanks :)


Finding it really hard to concentrate at college today.

Countdown to the Weekend!

I dont normally wish my life away as time is so precious but I am counting down to 4pm when I can leave here and go to Oxford for Samaritans Selection weekend. Its going to be along tiring weekend as I am silent observing. I am actually looking forward to a whole weekend of not listening to people try to assume whats going on job wise, what the new service looks like Blissssssss :)

I am not saying I am not worried cos on some level I am but there is not a lot I can do about the situation. Yes I have rights under TUpe and it looks like we will be job matched. However the only thing I can do is wait and see what happens.If I have another consultation interview I will of ocurse do my utomost to sell myself as it were! Skills wise I am almost a qualified counsellor, qualified drug and alcohol worker, I am able to do group work, and I have a few years od admin experiance under my belt. I am just wish my colleagues would stop worrying and ramping up the anxietys in the office. I refuse to be drawn into it as I cant force my new providers to take me on.

Post weekend I have college on Monday, annual leave on Tuesday and then back in the office on Wednesday.

Week and stuff

After a booze fuelled weekend and lovely busy sunday with abi sarah graham and kids, monday was spent recovering lol. tuesday and weds apart from work I had my exam.
Thursday I got to work and was given two free tix to go see Shooting Stars being filmed. Rob couldn't make it and it was to short notice for anyone else especially when you needed to at the tv centre at 6.15. I got the at 6pm and was given a standby sticker. then spent what was a really long half hour waiting with other standbys to see if we could get a seat. We did get seats and as I was a single one I got a seat for rows from the front. The show was fab I laughed so so much.
Today I am at the womens centre at the mo then back to the office later. tonight I am off to northampton for sarahs birthday night out. Heading out to a biker bar to see a pink floyd tribute act with lee deborah sarah and graham, rob if exhausted so is stopping in. then is birthday bbq for claires daughter with anna paul sarah graham rob etc.


Soooo rough today. Worth it for fab weekend

Caffine fun!

Each Friday I do a drop in session at Luton All Womens centre. So each week the reception lady asks if I want coffee and looks quite sad when I decline. This week I actually wanted a cuppa and she looked so pleased. I got biscuit as well bless her


At luton all womens centre doing my weekly drop in session. Women keep coming in with babies one was 6 weeks old so cute. am now a bit broody!!


Sent from my android phone so test test!


Happy Samhain everyone :)

Blessed Be x


I had my flu jab today and now feel like shit :( Checked my balance to discover I have less cash than I thought i did yesterday :( So Rob and I cant afford to go to coven later and do Philip's play tomorrow as well. Tickets for the play are booked so we are forfeiting the coven, plus I dont think nephilimbabe will thank me for turning up full of cold! Rob is also a bit short cos the beer festival ate what he had put aside for the weekend oops

Anyway enough moping cos there will be coven next month and with less birthdays and gig tix to get we shall go to the ball as it were!