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The Luggage wasnt lost he knew exactly where he was, and that was here

Ramblings of a woozle

3 December
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A bit about me! I am pagan and a goth I suffer from severe atopic Eczema and bad Asthma. i am currently living with Rob my amazing man. I love Bagpuss, Hello Kitty, Emily Strange, Ruby Gloom, Magic Roundabout, Candles, incense, books, Whitby Abbey, the Tor, Stonge Henge. I really enjoy going to Whitby, bike rallys, festivals etc. I read far to much generally I read Terry Pratchett, Anne Rice, Steven King, Tom Holt, Ben Elton etc etc. I drink in The George (Luton), Horn Reborn, Slimelight, Synthetic Culture, The Coven, The Bear (beford) Esquires (bedford).

I couldn't live without Corsets, Basques, bodices, gloves, And trad/victorian style gothic-ness. Silver bangles pendants rings. I also love Occultism, Vampires, ghosts, dressing up, Halloween and going to gigs.

Music wise I love mainly trad goth but also like ebm electric, 80's, new romantic some industrial. Fave bands Faith and The Muse NMA, NIN, Sisters, Cure, Marionettes, RBN, White Zombie, Killing Miranda, Cult, Skinny Puppy, Mesh, VNV

I can be found at Slimelight, The Coven, Club Antichrist, Torture Gardens, The Dev. My bed, my local pub, propping up a bar in Bedford, Luton, St Albans somewhere.

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